HTPC Mac mini complete


The pic says it all. 1tb SSD hybrid in my Mac mini. Boot time has improved significantly, albeit not quite as fast as a pure SSD. Files are transferring quite fast across gigabit Ethernet.

My original intent is 100% successful consider this example; movies I’ve never even watched are loading instantly and allowing me to scrub (skip around) with zero buffering time impacting the theater experience.

Thinking about buying an SSD Hybrid? You can be sure of its performance being near SSD speeds and it is a lovely (and wallet-friendly) way to spice up virtually any computer Mac or Windows that may be laying around “being slow”

Leave comments if you have any questions. I used to work for Apple and don’t mind helping people along their journeys. If you’re close by me, I may even do your swap for a small fee =P

Ending the night on a happy note. Happy birthday to me!!!


Mac mini HTPC Follow up


I last left off with replacing hard drives in my HP quad core. This time I’ve got my hands on an SSD-Hybrid drive. It’s brand new and I wanted
To compare its performance against the 5400rpm drive as an iTunes streaming server.

Thanks to this upgrade, my Mac mini will double its storage from 500gb-1tb with a 32mb cache @ 7200 rpm for all you techie heads out there.

This setup might not seem as amazing as a dual-drive, SSD/2.5hd combo (removing the DVD drive) this allows me to effectively double the storage, increase the speed, maintain my footprint, and all for $69+tax.

I’ll post back to share some results once I’ve reassembled everything. Shouldn’t take long since I’ve already copied my data from the old 500gb.

One more thing..

One last thing before i’m off to bed. Thought I’d get this guy sorted out. He’s for sale btw, feel free to make me an offer on a 2010 MacBook Air.

While you’re convincing the Mrs. In your life, ask her this question, “which do you prefer?”


It’s been a while..

Hi there, it’s been a while since I’ve updated. In fact, WordPress provided one for me, little over half a year ago. It said to aim higher this year than I did last year.

Since The start of this article I have a bad track record of updating my pages when I complete a project or a milestone. So let’s set one tonight. I’ve got ripped apart a $600 HP laptop. I loaned this to a friend so she could launch her own design firm =) now that I’ve gotten it back, it seems to always overheat. Oh and both the CMOS and standard battery need to be replaced.

Let’s get started shall we?!


2012 in review – time to aim higher!

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 4,100 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 7 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

Charging Las Vegas

Most of you reading this probably know that I recently went on a trip out to Las Vegas to shoot Formula Drift. This was not only my first time shooting FD here, but also my first visit to Vegas and the west coast. I had an amazing time throughout the entire trip, and if you’re at all interested in how some of those FD pics turned out, that article is

Viva Las Vegas

When I arrived in Las Vegas, a woman at the car rental place gave me a free upgrade to one of their “premium” 2013 Dodge Chargers. I’ll get back to that in a few.

Viva Las Vegas

I always have a great time shooting the Formula Drift events.

Viva Las Vegas

This event was my first time seeing so many wrecks in one day. I admit this incident had me dreaming for a faster focusing camera!

Viva Las Vegas

The next day I woke up a bit early and decided to take some time to explore the area.

Viva Las Vegas

I started by checking out the hotel I was staying in.

Viva Las Vegas

The view from the top is amazing! Check out the pano in full size by clicking Here!

Viva Las Vegas

Driving this Charger to and from the track was a ton of fun and surprisingly comfortable to me so i decided to take it for a “spirited” drive in the canyons.

Viva Las Vegas

Of course the rentals are the base V6 models, but at 300hp, it was no slouch.

Viva Las Vegas

As you can see this road seems to go on forever.

Viva Las Vegas

There wasn’t much around out here except the burros.

Viva Las Vegas

I half expected a tumbleweed to roll by.

Viva Las Vegas

I realized I could spend days on roads like this

Viva Las Vegas

The heat of the day did start to get to me after a while and it was about time to hit the track.

Viva Las Vegas

The sun was just rising on the mountains as I flew away from Las Vegas. I knew this trip was just a preview of how beautiful the west coast is.

Viva Las Vegas

I almost feel as if it’s signature for me to sign off with a nice moon pic. I’m eagerly looking forward to visiting California for FD round 7.

As the dust settles from West Palm Beach…

In the wake of Formula Drift: Invasion @ Palm Beach the dust is still settling on my hard drive as I work through editing those pics. “Excited” simply doesn’t describe the feeling. Every round the competition becomes more intense and controversial. I was a little late posting Road Atlanta photos, but hopefully this holds over until our feature is up on

We’ll start with Justin Pawlak who brought some of the most consistent runs from practice until the finish line. Winning against Fredric Aasbo gives JTP a strong lead early in the series.

Road Atlanta has been considered the “most fun” arena for Formula Drift and this year was not without it’s controversy. One of the most was during his top 16 battle with Ryan Tuerck.

Toshiki Yoshioka came out in a really nice S15. One of many car changes this year. I did not enjoy watching him get knocked out so early.

Truth be told… Nobody is having as much fun on the track as Joon Maeng is in that RX-8.

Conrad Grunewald delivers nonstop backward entries and it’s awesome to see it coming from a car of such size that people would think it’s mad. Nice to know what comes from talent and a well planned build.

Oh yeah.. AND it can lift off..

I hoped to catch a pic of a non-GoPro camera attached to Tyler McQuarrie’s camaro but maybe that’s not allowed lol.

Matt Field’s car was much easier to shoot this time around =)

We all cheered on Chris Ward, one of our hometown heroes. As it turns out, Chris had trouble getting comfortable in the car due to constant suspension issues. We’re looking forward to seeing his return to Palm Beach

Tony Angelo has come down from the judging tower to get back in the driver seat and getting back into the groove.

During the top 16 battle with Walker Wilkerson, Angelo got a little too close and bumped Wilkerson ending his night.

Vaughn Gittin Jr. was also pretty consistent throughout the event. It was a pleasure seeing him bring his A game. No Formula Drift event seems right without the big energy that he brings.

The Top 16 was like a moment from Street Fighter when “A New Challenger Approaches…”,

While Daigo Saito is no stranger to drifting or Vaughn Gittin Jr., the only thing “new” about this challenger is his entrance to the Formula Drift arena. We have officially dubbed this vehicle the Smoke Train. (and rightfully so!)

Their battle was nothing short of Epic. Also considered one of the most controversial of the evening due to a little trading paint.

The two drivers respect each other and understand as competitors that while they are both great drivers, someone had to win and someone had to lose. I’m sure this will not be the last time these two will tangle.

Saito went on to finish 3rd after losing to Aasbo and fighting off Walker Wilkerson.

Aasbo had a pretty solid day and finished 2nd to JTP. Another driver that is fun to watch when he gets in the zone.

When I talked to Ken Gushi, I asked him how he was liking his new car. For some this is the first time seeing the Scion FR-S and Ken tells me that he loves everything about it, handles better, looks better, and makes more power.

It was equally a pleasure to capture pictures of this car in action.

Matt Powers is one of my favorite drivers and as a fellow zenki S14 owner, also one of my favorite cars.

Get the shot Bro!!

FC Fans?!

Kenneth Moen’s 350Z is looking pretty mean as well.

Corey Hosford’s 350Z is sportin’ a beautiful paint job.

We call this the Euro Smoke Train lol – Chelsea DeNofa

Thanks for hanging and make sure to be checking out for our coverage of Formula Drift: Palm Beach within the next few days!!

TLC Meet: 4.1.12

I realize this event happened over a month ago. Sometimes it’s nice to talk to friends about how much fun a meet was, or even talk about that one ride that stole everyones attention. It’s also sometimes really nice to be able to move on with your life and one day be able to revisit the highlights of the day!

These are a few pics that were taken at a small meet i was invited to right after Caffeine & Octane back on April. I showed up a bit late after hanging with some of the Forged Performance crew for lunch and had a blast! When I first showed up, there were already almost 20 cars with about another 10-15 Atlanta G’s following close behind. I have been trying to plan some time with Mike @ Vossen’s GS450h for almost a year now! Luckily I had all of my gear with me and ready to set up and got a few other cars involved before taking off to another meet!


“Steppin’ out in Jeans” – Wirkz Performance

So.. I’m finally catching up on my blog here. Work has been beating the crap out of me, but nonetheless, This update is well worth the wait.

A few nights ago, Niko (White G35 sedan on Vossen CV2s) invited me out to do a little model shoot for Wirkz Performance.  When you look at the rest of the posts on my blog, visit my flickr or facebook (buttons in top right) you’ll quickly realize that this shoot doesn’t look ANYTHING like my usual work. Stepping outside of the comfort zone so to speak and there are plenty more to come because believe it or not, this feature set is still just a TEASER for more. A lot of us car people have heard the phrase used “trunk so big you can fit 2 dead hookers” well how about how many you can fit under the hood =P .Soo.. If you like what you see here today and you want to see more… OR if we’ve worked together (or plan on working together) you can see more of this stuff being posted on SouthrnFresh as well so make sure to check us out there and/or like  SF facebook. Stay tuned for a nice string of features coming soon!

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Niko’s G35 Sedan feat. Vossen CV2’s

Soo… Not too long ago I had posted some pics from an Atlanta G’s meet where I had taken a few pics of Niko’s G. At the time there was nothing but jokes about the fact that this great looking car was slammed on stock wheels. Everyone could tell that this car would look very impressive if only it had the final missing piece.

Well as I followed Niko and the progress of his car, it was only a matter of time before SOME nice set of wheels found their way onto this machine. Now featuring a set of Vossen CV2’s Niko’s G looks complete and rightfully at home slammed to the ground sitting flush. Please enjoy these pics as they not only display the lovely features of this car, but more specifically, the wheels that glued the pieces all together.

Feel free to leave any requests for specs or wallpaper sizes in the comments section.

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